Final Call for Comments on Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Final Call for Comments on Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The National Science and Technology Council’s (NSTC) Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence is currently accepting comments on its National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan. The plan was originally released in October 2016 with seven strategic aims:

  • Make long-term investments in AI research
  • Develop effective methods for human-AI collaboration.
  • Understand and address the ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI.
  • Ensure the safety and security of AI systems.
  • Develop shared public datasets and environments for AI training and testing.
  • Measure and evaluate AI technologies through standards and benchmarks.
  • Better understand the national AI R&D workforce needs.

As the technology behind artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and work its way into society at a breakneck pace, the NSTC is now looking to update the strategy and determine how this technology can best be leveraged. The U.S. is currently a leader in AI, and through constant updates, the strategy seeks to maintain this global leadership.

Calls for comments, suggestions and edits to the strategy were first listed in the Federal Register last month following the White House’s decision to task the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence with improving coordination of Federal efforts in AI earlier this year. The request for public input was listed in the Federal Register. The comment period for this report closes October 26 at 11:59pm.

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