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Federally Supported Robotics Institute Trains Veterans to Become Robotics Technicians

Federally Supported Robotics Institute Trains Veterans to Become Robotics Technicians

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Manufacturing USA Institute recently highlighted a workforce training project that aims to help veterans become robotics technicians. Through its Education & Workforce Development (EWD) project, the ARM Institute established this training program for transitioning military personnel and veterans to help manufacturers fill needed positions. Eighteen participants have already completed the training.
The 11-week program exposed participants to knowledge necessary to robotics manufacturing such as workplace safety and methods of fabrication and assembly. ARM shares that “the project was successful both in helping military personnel gain high-value careers in manufacturing and in helping manufacturers to fill needed positions.” The Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS) is a key participant in the project and worked with each participant to identify a manufacturing career pathway that would best suit him/her.
Manufacturing USA Institutes are federally mandated to pursue projects that work to upskill the workforce so that more Americans qualify for many in-demand jobs in advanced manufacturing. ARM’s recent project accomplishes this end by creating a network between military bases, robotic technician training centers, and manufacturers. The Manufacturing USA network considers itself a “neutral convener” able to bring together all stakeholders in the space across government, industry, and academia, as seen in this project.
CAMPS intends to continue the program as it proved fruitful for all involved and met the project’s desired results.
ASME is a member of the ARM Institute.
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