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Energy Department Announces $89 Million for Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

Energy Department Announces $89 Million for Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced $89 million in funding for projects that support the development of innovative advanced manufacturing technologies. This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) will be led by the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. The FOA is broken down into three different topics to help DOE more effectively tackle various its various manufacturing priorities.

Topic 1 is Innovations for the Manufacture of Advanced Materials. These projects will focus on ways to better employ machine learning for applications such as the development of more effective batteries, phase change storage materials for heating and cooling applications, and new semiconductors that convert temperature differences into electricity. A primary focus of this topic is developing and scaling new, low-cost manufacturing processes to catalyze increased domestic battery manufacturing for vehicle and stationary applications.

Topic 2 is Lower Thermal Budget Processes for Industrial Efficiency and Productivity. This FOA is also soliciting new ideas for process intensification to reduce overall heating energy.

The third topic is Connected, Flexible and Efficient Manufacturing Facilities and Energy Systems. This topic solicits projects that delve into ways to make industrial power conversion equipment more efficient, as well as opportunities for converting process energy to electrical energy and more seamlessly integrate it with the electrical grid. This FOA is also soliciting advancements in combined heat and power that result in higher electrical efficiencies.

Concept paper submissions for this FOA are due June 20.

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