DOE Highlights ASME's Upcoming Advanced Manufacturing and Repair for Gas Turbines Symposium

Sep 27, 2021


The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) shared a new press release showcasing Richard Dennis’ role as a key organizer and technical review co-chair for ASME’s upcoming Advanced Manufacturing and Repair for Gas Turbines Symposium (AMRGT). The symposium will be held virtually October 5-8 and is meant to bring together engineers, researchers, professionals, and business leaders in the gas turbine community to share best practices and innovations in the field.


Dennis has worked with NETL for over 35 years and currently plays a key role in the Advanced Turbines Program, which includes advanced turbine research and development to address environmental concerns. Dennis has also been active in the ASME community and in 2020 was named an ASME Fellow, a prestigious honor the society awards to members for significant engineering achievements.


This 3rd annual AMRGT aims to explore the latest design strategies for additive-build parts and better contextualize how advanced manufacturing is changing business models and enhancing business transformation. The event is convened to disseminate knowledge and standards development and provide attendees a network of experts to connect with in the space.


The past two AMRGT conferences have had an average of 122 attendees with 84% coming from the industrial sector. The four-day agenda includes technical presentations, keynote speeches, tutorials, networking sessions, and specific technical tracks.


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