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DOE Announces Building Codes Grant Program

DOE Announces Building Codes Grant Program

Following from 2021’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Department of Energy recently announced a new $45 million program to provide competitive grants to help states and partnering organizations implement updated building energy codes. This funding is the first installment of a five-year, $225 million program to support building energy code adoption, training, and technical assistance at the state and local level.

According to DOE estimates, modernized energy codes will save homes and businesses a cumulative $138 billion by 2040 by reducing utility bills—equivalent to $162 in annual savings per residential unit and preventing 900 MMT of avoided CO2 emissions. In addition to promoting energy efficiency, building codes include provisions for fire, structural, mechanical, and plumbing systems that save lives, reduce property damage, and lower operating costs.
Despite these benefits, the DOE estimates that two out of every three communities in the United States have not adopted the latest building codes. In response, the Biden Administration launched the National Initiative to Advance Building Codes last year, which includes a focus on building climate and extreme weather resilience.
For more information on the Resilient and Efficient Codes Implementation Program, visit here.

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