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DOE Announces $52.5 Million to Support U.S. Manufacturers and Industrial Workers

DOE Announces $52.5 Million to Support U.S. Manufacturers and Industrial Workers

The Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) have been allocated $52.5 million to help American manufacturers and wastewater treatment facilities improve their efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. This announcement comes just two months into the Biden administration, underscoring the importance the administration is putting on making investments that will get America on a path towards reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. DOE anticipates selecting 25-35 universities with individual awards of $1.5 to $2.25 million over five years.
The funding will be administered through DOE’s 31 IACs. IACs are university-based programs that train students and offer no-cost efficiency improvement recommendations to small- and medium-sized manufacturing facilities. The IAC program was founded in 1976 with two goals: (1) to support U.S. manufacturing competitiveness; and, (2) address a growing shortage of engineering professionals with applied energy and manufacturing-related skills.
The $52.5 million opportunity includes a pilot project to expand IAC engagement with underserved communities. DOE is actively encouraging applicants to propose training partnerships with technical programs and community colleges that create new opportunities for a diverse mix of students at all education levels.
Newly confirmed Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm commented that “These programs are proof that big climate investments can help small businesses reduce their emissions and increase their efficiency, while saving them thousands of dollars. This new funding is an investment in both the infrastructure and next-generation clean energy workforce we need to tackle the climate emergency and meet President Biden’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”
Letters of intent are due April 1, 2021. Mandatory full applications are due April 22, 2021.
For more information or to apply, see the program’s full Funding Opportunity Announcement: DE-FOA-0002452: INDUSTRIAL ASSESSMENT CENTERS.

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