DOD Launches Defense Enterprise Science Initiative to Support University-industry Basic Research

Jan 5, 2018

The Defense Enterprise Science Initiative (DESI) pilot program has released its FY18 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).  DESI will fund projects that bring together industry and university teams to discover new solutions to defense and national security problems, with the aim of accelerating the impact of basic research on defense capabilities. Teams will be awarded up to $1.5M over 2 years. 

This year's research topics include power beaming, highly maneuverable autonomous UAV, soft active composites, metamaterial-based antennas, and an alternate topic submitted by the teams.  DESI is sponsored by OASD(R&E), and is run in collaboration with AFOSR, AFRL and ARO.  Proposals are due 02/28/2018. 

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