Department of Defense Creates New Leadership Position to Help Oversee Development of 5G Network

Aug 22, 2019


The Department of Defense (DOD) recently announced that it will be creating a new position to oversee its 5g network development efforts. The new assistant director will oversee and maintain DOD’s partnerships with companies in the private sector in the race to cultivate a strong 5G network. The position will also oversee a new initiative from the Pentagon that is also supporting the development of a new 5G network.

Earlier this year, the Defense Innovation Board examined the implications of a new 5G network for the military, and found that the new network would create a plethora of defense opportunities. But to that end, DOD acknowledges that it is not capable of creating this new network on its own. DOD Chief Technology Officer Michael Griffin recently stated that DOD is “struggling to become the flea on the tail of the telecoms’ dog”. But the Pentagon is interested in working with the private sector and opening up access to its infrastructure at bases around the country to aid in the development and testing of a new 5G network.

“The development won’t be led by DOD. We will be looking to be good customers,” Griffin noted, further adding that DOD wants to help “enable” good development.

DOD has already submitted a plan to Congress outlining the role it will play in developing 5G. The new assistant director will be responsible for ensuring the department remains an active partner and continues to advocate for the continued development of the technology.

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