Canada Enters Global Research and Development Race with Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

Mar 9, 2018

The Canadian Government recently announced its newest project under the Innovation Superclusters Initiative. The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, located in Ontario, will bring together industry, academia and nonprofit to develop innovative, boundary-pushing new ideas. These experts will come together to elevate Canada’s next-generation manufacturing capabilities, such as advanced robotics and 3D printing, cementing the association of “Made in Canada: with manufacturing excellence.

A Government of Canada press release stated “The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster aims to position Canadian companies to lead Canadian companies to lead industrial digitalization, maximizing competitiveness and participation in global markets.

Canada is not the only country to prioritize research and development talent-nurturing programs. China’s 1000 talents program and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative all point to a renewed interest in fostering R&D at the global level.

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