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Biomanufacturing “Manufacturing USA” Institute Announces Fall 2019 Project Calls

Biomanufacturing “Manufacturing USA” Institute Announces Fall 2019 Project Calls

The Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) BioFabUSA has announced its fall 2019 Project Calls. Each of the three calls touches upon an issue area essential to the mission of the Institute: (1) Education & Workforce Development Project Call; (2) Technical Project Call; and (3) Tissue Foundry Project Call. The topics were chosen from roadmaps created by the Institute for 2019.

The Education & Workforce Development Project speaks to the need for skilled professionals in this emerging field. The call specifically addresses the need for a more integrated skillset, as biomanufacturing spans many areas of engineering, biology, and technology. BioFabUSA is looking for online or hybrid curricula development that can be used in training.

The Technical Project Call seeks proposals that can deliver a process or prototype technology in an operational state. Proposals must show significant promise to advance engineered tissue manufacturing. Projects focused on Cell Isolation and Primary Culture, Measurement Technologies, and Manufacturing Process Development through Big Data Analytics will be given preference.

The Tissue Foundry Project Call is looking for proposals that adapt a current manual TEMP fabrication process to the automated Tissue Foundry prototype manufacturing platform. Specifically, BioFabUSA is looking for projects that demonstrate new capabilities for Tissue Foundries or that focus on tissue engineered medical products applicable to the Department of Defense, such as blood and blood products, tubular constructs, and products related to the replacement or restoration of nerve function.

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