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Biden Administration Releases Infrastructure Permitting Updates

Biden Administration Releases Infrastructure Permitting Updates

The Biden-Harris Administration is releasing a new Permitting Action Plan to strengthen and accelerate federal permitting and environmental reviews by fully leveraging existing permitting authorities, as well as new provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The Action Plan outlines the Administration’s strategy for ensuring that federal environmental reviews and permitting processes are effective, efficient, and transparent, guided by the best available science to promote positive environmental and community outcomes, and shaped by early and meaningful public engagement. The Permitting Action Plan is built on five key elements that will help ensure the timely and effective delivery of crucial upgrades to America’s infrastructure:
  1. Accelerating Smart Permitting through Early Cross-Agency Coordination
  2. Establishing Clear Timeline Goals and Tracking Key Project Information
  3. Engaging in Early and Meaningful Outreach with States, Tribal Nations, Territories, and Local Communities
  4. Improving Agency Responsiveness, Technical Assistance, and Support
  5. Using Agency Resources and Environmental Reviews to Improve Impact

For more information, visit here.

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