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Become an ASME Federal Fellow!

Become an ASME Federal Fellow!

Are you interested in utilizing your expertise in the halls of Congress or in the government’s executive branch? Consider applying to become an ASME Federal Fellow. ASME’s Federal Fellowships provide a valuable public service to the nation while also giving engineers a unique opportunity to participate directly in the policy-making process. The program provides engineers the opportunity to work in government, providing engineering and technical advice to policy makers in the U.S. Congress, the White House, and federal agencies. 

Since 1973, ASME has placed over 150 fellows alongside federal policymakers to provide technical expertise on critical issues. Legislators have identified a gap in the type of information Congress receives on science and technology (S&T) matters. This has made it difficult for decision-makers to gauge the validity, credibility, and usefulness of this information received from various constituents, stakeholders, and interest groups. Our federal fellows fill this knowledge gap by providing vital support to key advisors on mechanical engineering and subjects related to energy, manufacturing, national security, and education. 

This year, we celebrated the fellowship’s 50th anniversary and look forward to continuing the program’s success in the upcoming years.  ASME sets the standard by providing a competitive stipend, new agency partnerships, and valuable networking opportunities for its fellows. We anticipate great momentum in preserving our successful legacy and thank our fellows for their contributions to this mission. 

Who Should Apply: Fellowships run from September through August each year. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, a member of ASME at the time of application, have at least five years of professional experience and an advanced engineering degree.  To learn more about the ASME Federal Government Fellows program, visit our Federal Fellows page or apply here. 

Questions about the Fellowship program may be directed to Anne Shaffer in ASME Government Relations at 

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