Artificial Intelligence and the Electric Grid See New Push through Funding Announcements

May 3, 2019


The Department of Energy recently released two new funding opportunity announcements (FOA) totaling $20 million for projects that support innovative research and development in artificial intelligence (AI).

The DOE Office of Electricity released an FOA for $7 million to for eight projects that have already been awarded to explore the use of big data, AI, and machine learning technologies to improve existing knowledge and discover new insights and tools for stronger grid operation and management.

To view the projects that have been selected, click here:

The DOE Office of Science released an FOA for $13 million for new research aimed at improving AI as a tool of scientific investigation and prediction. Of this $13 million, $11 million is bookmarked for the development of new AI algorithms and software adapted to specific scientific problems, or sets of problems. These awards will support three year projects and will be determined by peer review. Final applications are due by 5pm on May 31.

An additional $2 million has been bookmarked for projects that work towards improving the reliability of predictions from AI and machine learning models through the application of mathematical and statistical techniques of uncertainty quantifications. The $2 million funding will support two-year projects, which will be awarded by peer review. To apply, submit Letters of Intent by 5pm on May 8. Final applications are due by 5pm on May 31.

To view the full FOA, click here:

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