Fluids Engineering Division

Fluids Engineering Division (FED) is involved in all areas of fluid mechanics, encompassing both fundamental as well as applications, to all types of devices, processes and machines involving fluid flow.


The Fluids Engineering Division is involved in all areas of fluid mechanics, encompassing both fundamental as well as applications, to all types of devices, processes and machines involving fluid flow, including pumps, turbines, compressors, pipelines, fluidic systems, biological fluid elements and hydraulic structures.

Honors & Awards

Society Awards

(Presented at Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting)

The highest award presented by the FED, the Fluids Engineering Award, is given for contributions to engineering that have been outstanding over a number of years. The deadline for nominations is August 30th.

The Division also sponsors the Freeman Scholar Program which selects a person of outstanding ability to review a major technical area of fluids engineering. The deadline for nominations is September 1st.

The society awards also recognize achievements in the fields of fluid mechanics and fluids engineering for which Division members are eligible.

Division Awards

(Presented at Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting)

The Lewis F. Moody Award and the Robert T. Knapp Award are presented for the most outstanding original papers dealing with the practice of fluids engineering and analytical or laboratory research respectively. Submit the pdf file of the paper to the Honors and Awards Committee Chair. The deadline for nominations is December 31st.

The Fluids Machinery Design Award honors excellence in the design of fluid machinery biennially in even-numbered years. The deadline for nominations is December 31st.

The Sankaraiyer Gopalakrishnan-Flowserve Pump Technology Award recognizes an individual with the potential of being the next generation's expert pump engineer biennially in odd-numbered years. The deadline for nominations is December 31st.

The division also sponsors a Young Engineer Paper ContestDeadline is May 1st.
Past Chair's Plaque
IMECE FED Program Representative
(Presented at IMECE)

Nominations link for processing division awards.
Unit Awards

For all Division Award requests, please contact the Division Administrator.

Important Award Information For Recipients of Monetary Awards

Please note that honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of applicable tax forms. If you are a recipient of a monetary award, you will be contacted by ASME staff regarding tax forms you will need to complete, as well as how to submit them to us.


Chair, Philipp Epple
Vice Chair, Kamran Siddiqui, Ph.D.
Secretary, Marianne Francois
Past Chair, Zhongquan Zheng
Member, at Large, Ning Zhang
Staff Contact, April Tone 


Links to helpful online resources related to the division are below. If you have suggestions for other resources, please contact the division chair or ASME staff.

  • ASME Landmarks Program
    Landmarks, sites and collections of historic importance to mechanical engineering are designated by ASME through its History and Heritage Landmarks Program.
  • ASME History and Heritage
    ASME fosters the preservation of mechanical engineering innovations used in a wide range of applications through its History and Heritage program.

Other Links of Interest


FED Online Seminar Series

Deep learning for fluid flow applications at the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)
by Dr. Elvis Dominguez-Ontiveros

Odor-Guided Flapping Flight: How do the flaping kinematics modulate the odor landscape?
By: Dr. Chengyu Li,  Assistant. Prof. at Villanova University 

Numerical Modeling of Multiphase Cavitation Flows using Multiscale Bridging of Models at Different Scales
By: Dr. Jingsen Ma is a Vice President of DYNAFLOW, INC., 2022 Fluids Engineering Division Knapp Awardee

Upcoming FED Activities

Call for Abstracts - IMECE 2023

Share Your Research. Advance Your Career
ASME’s International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) is the only event where R&D leaders from academia, industry, and government converge to make connections and share insights for innovation across engineering disciplines. We invite you to take this opportunity to engage with your research community at ASME’s largest R&D conference. The Fluids Engineering Division (FED) organizes abstracts in the following topics:
1: Applications of Plasma Flows
2: CFD Applications for Optimization and Controls
3: DNS, LES and Hybrid-RANS/LES Methods for CFD
4: Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation
5: Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics
6: Microfluidics 2023 - Fluid Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems
7: Fluid Mechanics and Rheology of Nonlinear Materials and Complex Fluids
8: Electric, Magnetic and Thermal Phenomena in Micro and Nano-Scale Systems
9: Multiphase Flows and Applications
10: Industrial Flows
11: Young Engineer Paper (YEP) Contest Fluids Engineering Division
12: Novel Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) techniques and approaches for Fluids Applications

For presentation only submissions, authors should submit their abstract by June 23, 2023.
Submit Today →

Join us for one of our Fluids Engineering Technical Committee Meetings! To connect email tonea@asme.org

Multiphase Flow (MFTC) 
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDTC) 
Fluid Mechanics (FMTC) 
Micro & Nano Fluid Dynamics (MNFDTC) 
Fluid Measurement & Instrumentation (FMITC)
Fluid Applications & Systems (FASTC)


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