Volunteering at ASME

Volunteers are the heart of ASME

ASME relies on thousands of volunteers who devote their time and talents to support the critical work we do

Why Do I Volunteer With ASME?

From developing life-saving codes and standards, to sharing expertise to advance policy, to engaging in K-12 outreach that will inspire the next generation of engineers, our volunteers contribute to ASME in many different capacities and roles, and they volunteer with us for many different reasons.

"As a volunteer, I know that if I put the time in, I will make a difference. It’s really helping me excel, both personally and in my career. But beyond that, I never thought it would be possible to meet my congressional representative — and my Senator! – and say, "you need to support manufacturing." That was exhilarating! You’d be amazed how much you can get out of participating with ASME."

– Kushi Sellahennedige, P.E., Boston, MA

"One important aspect of volunteering with ASME is that you are able to take on leadership roles within ASME well before you can in your job. Maybe you become a manager or senior manager later on at your organization, but at ASME, you can become the chair of a committee or even a division chair, quite a bit earlier. I think having volunteered with ASME provided me opportunities to learn leadership earlier than I would have otherwise. If I had to summarize why would I recommend volunteering with ASME? I can say it in three words: network, learn, and enjoy."

– Dilshad Sulaiman, Vadodara, India

"I always push engineers to participate with ASME, because active participation can make your career so much more rewarding. I was able to use ASME as a practice-ground for leading meetings and giving presentations, and refined my presentation skills this way. I got to be a symposium speaker, a symposium moderator, and I got to testify before Congress! I have always been passionate about STEM education and policy, and I’ve used ASME as the vehicle to work in that area. Lastly, you cannot find a better place to network with others in your field. When I look at my career as a whole – I know I’m better because of my involvement in ASME."

– Monica Moman-Saunders, P.E., Louisville, KY

"To me, ASME is this huge set of people with incredible skills and knowledge, people who share your passions and your ideals, but who are also different from you in important ways. It provides a lot of networking opportunities. I have made professional connections, and real friendships, with people from Canada, South Africa, the Bahamas, Nigeria, and the United States. It’s been amazing. ASME truly has the resources for engineers to tap into and expand their world."

– Alexander Marrero-Laureano, Troy, MI


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