Student Opportunities and Resources

ASME helps university engineering students develop their professional identity and provides essential engagement opportunities by offering access to a wide range of activities and resources such as membership, competitions, scholarships, student sections and much more!

Student Membership

Why Join?

Student section members are encouraged to join ASME “national” membership. Membership offers a broad range of benefits for students including career guidance resources, problem-solving tools, scholarship opportunities, industry information and much more. Students can also start building a larger network of individuals in the engineering community that will be helpful as they progress through their career.

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“National” membership pricing is different from any potential funds that are collected for your student section. These funds allow ASME to offer robust benefits that help engineering students in school and throughout their careers.
Freshman/first year in college or university (and international equivalent) pay $0. All other students pay $25 annually (varies by country).
For more information about pricing and select international discounts, please visit the membership pages.

Student Section Handbook

This handbook is intended to assist students and faculty advisors in organizing and managing ASME Student Sections. While some of the processes outlined in this handbook are necessary to conform with ASME requirements for Student Sections, specific strategies and activities are up to individual Sections, and may be influenced by any policies or rules of the college or university.

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Student Section Activity Funding Program

The Student Section Activity Funding Program has been established to provide funding assistance to ASME Student Sections at universities that want to plan and conduct local, ASME-based activities, but lack the funds to do so.
The program’s main goal is to promote relationship building and engagement between graduating students, Early Career Engineers, Student Sections, and ASME.

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Student Programs/Events

ASME E-Fests™

ASME Engineering Festivals or E-Fests, are a series of three-day events, plus a year-round digital experience for engineering students across the globe. These programs empower students to ignite innovation, build their resumes, expand their knowledge and skillsets, participate in stimulating competitions, jumpstart their careers and most importantly, celebrate engineering.

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An ASME EFx is designed to bring the excitement, community, innovation and vibrant experience of an ASME E-Fests flagship event, to local colleges and universities around the world. An ASME EFx event is planned and executed by local organizers with the support of ASME staff, and allows the spirit of engineering and connection to ASME and E-Fests, to spread to students on a global level, without the cost and travel prohibitions that may exist by attending an E-Fest.

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For the past 28 years, the ASME Foundation has invested in scholarships supporting outstanding mechanical engineering students who could not enter the ME / MET workforce without financial help. Over this time ASME has provided over $1.7MM in support to over 600 students. We focus on enabling a diverse cross-section of top humanitarian-involved students to become fully educated and equipped young engineers for the benefit of human kind.
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Becoming an ASME Member

Joining ASME is the most important connection a current or future Mechanical Engineer can make.

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