ASME Energy Forum

ASME Energy Forum is a multi-media series that explores the technical aspects and workings of a broad range of energy sources and related technologies. From fossil fuels to fuel cells, and from solar to hydro power, you'll get leading expert perspectives on how these energy technologies really work, the technical issues and market challenges, and the economic implications for businesses.



Distributed Generation:
The Evolving Landscape

Wednesday, May 13, 2015, 2:00PM – 3:00PM ET USA

The era of an electric grid fed by mostly large centralized generating stations has come to the end. Now, more and more electric generation from distributed energy resources, including among others wind turbines, solar panels, fuel cells and micro turbines, are supplying the grid. To learn more about how distributed generation is changing the power industry, join Tim Roughan of National Grid USA and Fran Cummings of Peregrine Energy Group for a live webinar as part of the ASME Energy Forum series.



The Archives

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