About ASME Scholarships
& How to Apply

Mechanical engineering encompasses a dynamic field of knowledge with lifelong learning opportunities.

Financial aid and scholarly recognition for undergraduate and graduate students is available through the various scholarships listed below. Deadlines and other terms and conditions vary, so please review the list carefully before applying to make sure you meet eligibility requirements for one or more scholarship.

A scholarship is considered by ASME to be a grant made to a student to enable or assist
the student in pursuing an educational program in mechanical engineering or mechanical
engineering technology at the undergraduate or graduate level. [from ASME Society
Policy P-13.5]

At a Glance

  • ASME Scholarships are awarded annually to eligible ASME Student Members.
  • You must be a current ASME student member to login to the online application system. Join ASME or to Renew your membership.
  • All scholarship payments will be made directly to the student's college or university to be used for educational costs in the following academic year. Payments are made in the month of July.
  • ASME Scholarships are intended to assist with upcoming studies in the next academic year.
  • To be eligible, you must be a community college, college, or university student who is enrolled full-time in Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) studies.
  • Students must have established their grade point average (GPA) in their degree programs to qualify for ASME Scholarships. If you have not yet established a GPA at the college level, you are not yet eligible for this group of scholarships.
  • Many ASME Scholarships have specific eligibility requirements, however, when you complete the online application you will be considered for all scholarships for which you qualify.
  • ASME Scholarships require enrollment in an ABET* accredited, or substantially equivalent, engineering degree program (see below).

ASME Student Members

ASME undergraduate or graduate student members worldwide are eligible for academic scholarships, with funding made possible through the ASME Foundation and the ASME Auxiliary.

Unless noted, an applicant must be an ASME Student Member to login to the online application system.

Note for applicants from outside the United States:

Global indicates that the scholarship has no citizenship or geographic requirements. Some scholarships are available to students studying in the United States who are from other countries. Please see the Complete List of ASME Scholarships (PDF) and note the list of ASME Scholarships available to students outside the United States.

Scholarship checks for non-US students will be sent to your university and you will need to consult your tax advisor regarding your obligation for possible taxes due on that money.

ABET Accreditation Equivalency: While you do not need to be studying within the United States to be eligible for many of the ASME Scholarships, you must be enrolled in the upcoming academic year at an ABET-accredited (or equivalent) engineering degree program, or be studying at a university recognized by the Washington Accord countries, or one with an equivalent Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA). (No further information about which institutes are accredited will be available by contacting ASME.)

How to Apply

ASME student members can apply for most ASME scholarships using the ASME Online Scholarship Application.

The Online Scholarship Application is only Open December – March (scholarships for the 2015-2016 academic year)

Time Line

  • The ASME Online Scholarship Application will go live every year in December and will only remain open until March 1, when it will become unavailable. Students must reapply each year to be reconsidered.
  • All applicants will be notified of the scholarship results between June 15 and June 30.
  • Scholarship money will be sent to scholarship winners by the end of August. (NOTE: All scholarship payments will be made directly to the student's college or university to be used for educational costs in the following academic year of study.)

Several other financial aid opportunities are available, including student loans and graduate teaching fellowships.

Applicants submitting this online ASME scholarship application form will be considered for all of the ASME scholarships for which they are eligible, unless otherwise indicated in the description of the scholarship. This list includes:

  • William J. and Marijane E. Adams, Jr., Scholarship
  • American Electric Power Scholarship
  • ASME Foundation Scholarships
  • ASME Foundation Hanley Scholarship
  • ASME Nuclear Engineering Division Scholarship
  • ASME Power Division Scholarship
  • Allen J. Baldwin Scholarship
  • F.W. “Beich” Biechley Scholarship
  • Berna Lou Cartwright Scholarship
  • Garland Duncan Scholarships
  • Sylvia W. Farny Scholarship
  • Kate Gleason Scholarship
  • John and Elsa Gracik Scholarships
  • Melvin R. Green Scholarships
  • Agnes Malakate Kezios Scholarship
  • Stephen T. Kugle Scholarship
  • Frank and Dorothy Miller Scholarships
  • Elisabeth M. and Winchell M. Parsons Scholarship
  • ASME Metropolitan Section John Rice Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenneth Andrew Roe Scholar
  • Marjorie Roy Rothermel Scholarship
  • Willis F. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
  • Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarship
  • ASME/Virginia Tech Memorial Scholarship


  • Current ASME student membership in good standing (for login to the ASME online scholarship application). Click here to join ASME or renew your dues
  • If you haven't received or have forgotten your ASME student member number, please request it at CustomerCare@asme.org or call 1-800-THE-ASME (1-800-843-2763).
  • Full-time college enrollment in Mechanical Engineering or related field for the upcoming academic year.
  • Established GPA and at least a freshman/1st year student in the year of application to be eligible.

Tips for Completing the Online Application:

The ASME Online Scholarship Application has required information noted with an asterisk (*)


Enter the e-mail address you have on file with ASME and your ASME student member number. If you have misplaced your membership information, please email CustomerCare@asme.org to resend it to you.

Personal Information

Once you log in to your ASME membership your personal information currently on record with ASME will show in the available fields. Update any required fields as necessary.

Education Information

Eligibility requires you to be accepted and enrolled in an accredited college, university or community college for the 2014–15 academic year. If the upcoming school year will be your first year at a new school (example: 1st year Graduate student), we will require proof from the school showing you are both accepted and enrolled (letter or other document).


Electronic uploads of your official transcripts are submitted for all past Engineering study at colleges, universities or community colleges that you have attended. Upload high resolution electronic images of your official transcript from each academic institution one by one, starting with the most recent first. Transcripts must be submitted in English or with an accompanying translation to English.

GPA (Grade Point Average)

Each transcript to should show your accumulative GPA and you can use the GPA Calculator at the link provided in the application for guidance. Your cumulative GPA that you list should represent an average of all your GPA grades when you provide it in the application. Please use the GPA Calculator to translate other GPA scales to the 4.0 equivalent.

Financial Information

Please enter your anticipated resources and expenses from July 1 of the current year through June 30 for next year. If the answer is zero or the question does not apply to you, enter "0." This represents your income and expenditures during your full-time study in the upcoming academic year.


You may add as many activities as you wish or none at all. The online application form will allow you to save and add additional activity information as necessary.


Submit an essay in the space provided, succinctly describing (as appropriate):

  • Your personal interests and goals in mechanical engineering;
  • Contributions to the profession (e.g., publications, research, innovations, leadership, etc.);
  • Participation and/or achievement in professional societies, school, community groups (e.g., offices held, programs developed, etc.); and
  • Any other relevant facts you feel may be pertinent (e.g., employment, family obligations, disabilities, etc.).

Recommendation Letter(s)

Ask a faculty member, professor, or supervising engineer who knows your work to comment on your character, engineering involvement and potential for leadership or for making a significant contribution to the mechanical engineering profession. This can be based upon specific examples drawn from your coursework, projects, or activities that support your Essay statement.

Submit at least one recommendation letter (or a maximum of two). You may upload signed recommendation letter(s) in any electronic format.

Submit Application

You must click the "SUBMIT " button on the final last tab/page to complete the application. Remember, you must only fill in the application once to be considered for all the ASME Scholarships. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot make any further changes.

Requesting Changes about a Submitted Application: If you have any questions regarding an application that has been submitted, please send an e-mail to lefeverb@asme.org with the following information:

  • Name of student
  • ASME student member number
  • Your question, a short description of the problem you've experienced, or the specific changes in question.

Trouble Shooting

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