ASME’s K-12 STEM Education program initiatives aim to celebrate, engage and empower K-12 students and educators to explore engineering with confidence. By fostering a better prepared and more diverse pipeline of K-12 students who are informed and energized to pursue engineering as a career, we strive to engage, excite, and illuminate pathways for future STEM champions to shine and succeed. 
For more information and to discuss ways to collaborate in your community, contact Patti Jo Rosenthal, Manager, K-12 Programs rosenthalp@asme.org
ASME INSPIRE Career Exploration is an in-class, online experience championing student exploration of real-world engineering and technical careers while helping them gain application STEM-related skills.  Featuring inter-active gaming and video enhancements, this standards-aligned, digital learning platform annually engages over 1,300 schools across 50 states with a collective reach of more than 287,000 middle and high school students to date.

By the Numbers (academic 2018-2019)

1,380 used in schools across all 50 states

65% are in Title 1 schools

107,350 students engaged

70% of ASME INSPIRE students are in middle school (grades 608)

60% of students are from groups traditionally under-represented in STEM.

1,905 teachers used program in their classroom

Net Promoter Score of 76 from engaged teachers
ASME INSPIRE Classroom Visits

Classroom visits, STEM assemblies, and hands-on activities are designed to empower students to be positive problem-solvers, foster engineering habits of mind, and introduce them to the vast array of STEM-related careers within their grasp when they begin to Think Like an Engineer.  To participate or host an event in your community, contact Patti Jo Rosenthal, Manager, K-12 Programs, rosenthalp@asme.org
ASME INSPIRE Clarke scholarship

In recognition of students whose experience with ASME INSPIRE program has fostered a keen interest in pursuing engineering and/or a STEM-related career, the ASME Foundation has established the ASME INSPIRE Clarke scholarship. https://www.asmefoundation.org/stories/inspire-scholarship

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