Graduate Teaching Fellowships

The Graduate Teaching Fellowship Program is a collaboration between ASME and mechanical engineering departments to encourage outstanding doctoral candidates in mechanical engineering education (and related engineering fields), particularly women and minorities. These fellowships are made possible with support from the ASME Foundation.

Graduate Teaching Fellowship Application

Fellowship awards in the amount of $5,000 a year are made, for a maximum of two years. Fellows are selected/renewed annually by the ASME Selection Committee.

Application Deadline: February 15

Grant Announcement: May

Grant Awarded: July


To be considered for a fellowship, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • Applicant must be a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering, with a demonstrated interest in an academic career. A master’s degree or passage of qualifying exam is required. A lecture-responsibility teaching assistantship commitment from the applicant's department is required.
  • In the term of the fellowship, the awardee must teach at least one lecture course with full responsibility for the course. The applicant's department head must certify, prior to the award or renewal/continuation notice, the commitment of a teaching assistantship and outline a description of the lecture assignment anticipated (course or semester [or quarter] need not be specified).
  • Applicant will be reviewed in the spring, prior to the second and final year of the Fellowship for satisfactory academic progress and continued commitment to a career in engineering education. (see below)
  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and be a member or student member of ASME.
  • Applicant must submit:
    1. Your undergraduate grade point average (GPA)
    2. GRE scores
    3. Your current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV)
    4. Two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty or M.S. committee members
    5. Transcripts of all academic work
    6. A statement about your interest in pursuing an ME or MET faculty career

If you're not yet an ASME member, you may apply for membership while also applying for a loan, scholarship, or fellowship. Jump to the ASME student member application. (ASME student membership fee is $25 a year.)

Renewal — 2nd Year Review Process

For continuation of an existing Fellowship for the second and final year, two reports must be submitted by the Fellowship recipient at mid-year, due by October 31st of the first year.

The reports, one by the student and one by the Department Head, should be submitted by email to ASME Engineering Education at, in PDF format, from the Fellowship recipient. They should address:

  1. The student's continued commitment to engineering education
  2. Satisfactory academic progress
  3. Research status
  4. Fulfillment of teaching requirements - the awardee must teach at least one lecture course with full responsibility for the course. 
  5. The report from the Department Head should give feedback on the recipient's progress and express the university's interest in continuing the Fellowship for an additional year.

If you'/re not yet an ASME member, you may apply for membership while also applying for a loan, scholarship, or fellowship. Jump to the ASME student member application. (ASME student membership fee is $25 a year.)

Current Graduate Teaching Fellows


Brandi Grauberger (2023-24), Colorado State

Ankit Saxena (2022-24), Pennsylvania State University,

Derek A. Vasquez (2023-24), Florida State University

Skylar Polek (2023-24), University of Nevada

Troy Jaisohn Kim (2023-24), Virginia Tech

David Leech (2021-23), The University of Alabama,

Derek Nichols (2022-23), Georgia Institute of Technology,

Christopher Aksland (2022-23), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,

Michael Hayes, Michigan State University,

Siobhan Oca (2020-22), Duke University, 

Boni Yraguen (2020-22), Georgia Institute of Technology,

Jesse Butterfield

Jesse Butterfield (2018-19, 2020-21), University of Colorado Mechanical Engineering

Bryce Cox

Bryce Cox (2019-21), Oregon State University,


  Paolo Yu

Paulo Yu (2019-21), University of Idaho

Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks (2019-20), Georgia Institute of Technology

Frank Mier

Frank Mier (2019-20), New Mexico Institute of Mining & Tech

Rachel Vitali

Rachel Vitali (2018-19), University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering

Zach Berent (2018-19), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mechanical Engineering

Daniel Moreno (2018-19), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering

Megan Tomko

Megan Tomko (2017-19), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering

Allison Lee

Allison Lee (2016-18), Brigham Young University Mechanical Engineering

Not Pictured

Allison Mahvi (2016-18), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering,

Jessica Menold

Jessica Menold (2016-18), Pennsylvania State University Mechanical Engineering

Trevor Terrill

Trevor Terrill (2016-18), Texas A&M University Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Ortega

Christopher Ortega (2015-17), University of Houston Mechanical Engineering

Brecca Gaffney
Brecca Gaffney (2014-16), University of Denver Mechanical Engineering
Janet Tsai
Janet Y. Tsai (2014-15), University of Colorado at Boulder Mechanical Engineering,
Isaac Leventon
Isaac Leventon (2014-15), University of Maryland – College Park Fire Protection Engineering,
Lily Li

Lily Li (2014-16), University of California, Santa Barbara Mechanical Engineering,

Jamie Trahan ASME Graudate Teaching Fellow
Jamie Trahan (2013-14), University of South Florida Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Stone ASME Graudate Teaching Fellow
Thomas Stone (2013-14), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering,

Matthew Eicholtz ASME Graudate Teaching Fellow

Matthew Eicholtz (2013-14), Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Morris

Nicholas Morris (2012-14), West Virginia University Mechanical Engineering

Bryony DuPont

Joseph Schaefer (2012-14), Northwestern University Mechanical Engineering

Brian Fronk ASME Graudate Teaching Fellow
Brian Fronk (2011-13), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering
Bryony DuPont

Bryony DuPont (2012-13), Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering,


Neera Jain (2011-12), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mechanical Engineering,

Not Pictured

Ashley Bernal (2011-12), Georgia Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering,

Past ASME Graduate Teaching Fellows


Jennifer Mott Peuker (2010-11, University of Illinois)

Benjamin W. Caldwell (2010-12, Clemson University)


Kira Barton (2009-11, University of Illinois)

Beshoy Morkos (2009-11, Clemson University)


Robert Lowe (2008-10, Ohio State University)

Douglas Cook (2008-09, Purdue University)


Amber Bonivtch (2007-09, Virginia Tech)

Gavin Garner (2007-09, University of Virginia)


Enrico Manes (2006-08, Purdue University)

Joshua Vaughan (2006-08, Georgia Institute of Technology)


Anne-Marie Lerner (2005-07, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Douglass Bristow (2005-07, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)


Bryan P. Rasmussen (2004-06, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Bethany Woody (2004-05, University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Nathan D. Masters (2004-05, Georgia Institute of Technology)


Susan Stewart (2003-04, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Mary V. Holloway (2003-05, Clemson University)


Shannon Stott (2002-03, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Phillip A. Vogelwede (2002-04, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Scott Thomson (2002-04, Purdue University)


Silvia Ferrari (2001-02, Duke University)

David Angstadt (2001-03, Lehigh University)


Heather (Langford) McClusky (2000-02, Clemson University)

Wayne Johnson (2000-01, Armstrong Atlantic State University)

Patricia Stevens (2000-01, Boeing Rotorcraft)


Stephanie Kladakis (1999-2001, Mitek Worldwide/Georgia Institute of Technology)

Clayton Cooper (1999-2000, Advanced Combustion Engineering)


Laura Atkinson Schaefer (1998-2000, University of Pittsburgh)

Bonnie D. Marini (1998-2000, Siemens)


Eric Wayne Mulkay (1997-99, Exxon Production Research)

Kara McCole Slade (1997-99, Duke University)


Stacey Angela Dixon (1996-99, University of Minnesota)

Robert P. Brady (1996-97, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Ruth Okamoto (1995-96, Washington University)

Tricia Ann Waniewski-Sur (1995-98, Science Applications International Corp./California Institute of Technology)

Christopher C. Pascual (1995-98, California Polytechnic State University)


Johné M. Parker (1994-95, University of Kentucky)

Corrine S. (Connon) Lengsfeld (94-97, University of Denver)

Jennifer E. Holte (1994-97, University of Minnesota)


William C. Oakes (1993-95, Purdue University)

Lisa R. Taylor (1993-94)


Margueritte Patricia Brackin (1992-95, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Gayle Ellen Ermer (1992-94, Calvin College)

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