Engineering Education - What We Do

Five Core Technologies

To promote strategic growth, Engineering Education is focused on creating and supporting programs and initiatives that support ASME’s Five Core Technologies:

Pressure Technology

The technologies applicable to the design, materials, fabrication, examination, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of pressure equipment

Clean Energy

The technologies for electric power generation, storage, distribution and usage, while minimizing the impact on the environment


The technologies associated with application of the engineering processes in developing products, pharmaceuticals, biologics, cosmetics, food supplements, the prevention and treatment of disease


The technologies for industrial machine systems and emerging areas, such as service robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles

Standing Committees

The standing committees for ASME Engineering Education provide great opportunities to engage in outreach and advocacy for mechanical engineering. These committees include:

Committee on Engineering Education (CEE)

Committee on Engineering Accreditation (CEA)

Committee on Engineering Technology Accreditation (CETA)

Mechanical Engineering Department Heads Executive Committee (MEDHExCom)

Mechanical Engineering Technology Leadership Committee (METLC)

Awards & Fellowships

ASME offers several engineering education-based awards and fellowships for the mechanical engineering community. These awards and fellowships include:

Ben C. Sparks Medal

Edwin F. Church Medal

Donald N. Zweip Innovation in Education Award

Graduate Teaching Fellowship


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