Engineering Education - What We Do

Five Core Technologies

To promote strategic growth, Engineering Education is focused on creating and supporting programs and initiatives that support ASME’s Five Core Technologies:

Pressure Technology: The technologies applicable to the design, materials, fabrication, examination, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of pressure equipment

Clean Energy: The technologies for electric power generation, storage, distribution and usage, while minimizing the impact on the environment

Bioengineering: The technologies associated with application of the engineering processes in developing products, pharmaceuticals, biologics, cosmetics, food supplements, the prevention and treatment of disease

Robotics: The technologies for industrial machine systems and emerging areas, such as service robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles

Standing Committees: The standing committees for ASME Engineering Education provide great opportunities to engage in outreach and advocacy for mechanical engineering. These committees include:

  • Committee on Engineering Education (CEE)
  • Committee on Engineering Accreditation (CEA)
  • Committee on Engineering Technology Accreditation (CETA)
  • Mechanical Engineering Department Heads Executive Committee (MEDHExCom)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Leadership Committee (METLC)

Awards & Fellowships: ASME offers several engineering education-based awards and fellowships for the mechanical engineering community. These awards and fellowships include:

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