ASME K-12 STEM Education Programs

By fostering equitable access to quality content and experiences that illuminate engineering, ASME’s K-12 STEM education programs champion the development of a better prepared and more inclusive pipeline of K-12 students energized to pursue STEM.  Our vision:  a vibrant, diverse generation of problem-solvers that understand the power of thinking like an engineer.

Through the ASME INSPIRE program suite, ASME continues its long-standing commitment to championing an increasingly equitable gateway to compelling K-12 content and experiences

ASME and Discovery Education

ASME is a content collaborator with Discovery Education, representing the “E” in STEM in developing curriculum-aligned digital learning solutions that are integrated across multiple subject areas reaching 500,000 students annually.

ASME and the STEM Careers Coalition

ASME proudly amplifies the role engineering plays in changing the world for the better through its active participation on the STEM Careers Coalition.  By producing open-access resources that illuminate STEM career pathways and skillsets, ASME joins Coalition members Boeing, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and others in a collective commitment to proving the K-12 community the resources they need to develop the 21st Century skills critical for college and career success.

Access the Discover Engineering and Turn your Ideas into Reality Video & Webinar Series sponsored by Siemens, to hear insightful stories and get practical engineering tools and tips from students and STEM educators. 

Available Resources

Becoming a problem -solver and figure out what skills you need to solve the problems that matter to you. Check out real-world careers that make change happen every day.

Engage your students with lesson plans that highlight real-world careers and classroom activities that showcase the STEM skills and knowledge that lead to career success.

Parents & Guardians
Bring the joy of discovery to life with a variety of exciting digital learning explorations that help students put STEM skills into action through ready-to-use activities promoting self-guided learning.

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