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The education segment of ASME’s Programs and Philanthropy provides a forward-facing set of initiatives that cover K-12 STEM education through college and early career programs. Our mission is to elevate the importance and excitement of engineering at an early age. We seek to support this generation of change-makers as they transition from grade school to college and career in the diverse and ever-changing engineering community.

ASME Engineering Education also provides guidance and advocacy to colleges and universities to enhance the quality, content, and relevance of engineering degree programs; participates in influential forums for academic, government, and industry leaders on the education of mechanical engineering; and establishes and assesses standards of quality in mechanical engineering degree programs via ABET.​


For the past 28 years, the ASME Foundation has invested in scholarships supporting outstanding mechanical engineering students who could not enter the ME/MET workforce without financial help. Since 1991, ASME has provided over $1.7MM in support to over 600 students. We focus on enabling a diverse cross-section of top humanitarian-involved students to become fully educated and equipped young engineers for the benefit of human kind.


It is estimated that 1 million extra STEM graduates are needed by 2020; to date, ASME programs have engaged over 278,000 students in person, 2 million through social media, and currently provide $325K in scholarships.


ASME INSPIRE Career Exploration is an in-class, online experience, championing student exploration of real-world engineering and technical careers, while helping students gain application STEM-related skills. Featuring interactive gaming and video enhancements, this standards-aligned digital learning platform engages over 1,300 schools across 50 states annually, with a collective reach of more than 300,000 middle and high school students to date.

If you have any questions/need support on the above, contact Patti Jo Rosenthal, K-12 Programs Manager, at


ASME Engineering Festivals® or E-Fests, are a series of three-day events, plus a year-round digital experience, for engineering undergraduate students across the globe. These programs empower students to ignite innovation, build their resumes, expand their knowledge and skillsets, participate in stimulating competitions, jumpstart their careers, and most importantly, celebrate engineering.

ASME EFx® is designed to bring the excitement, community, innovation, and vibrant experience of an E-Fest flagship event to local colleges and universities around the world. An EFx event is planned and executed by local organizers with the support of ASME staff, and allows the spirit of engineering and connection to ASME and ASME E-Fests to touch students on a global level.

EFx events are also an exciting opportunity for local colleges and universities to engage their engineering students in a unique way, provide professional development and skills training, and prepare students to compete at full E-Fests.

ASME FutureME is a community tailored to early career engineers (millennials, graduate students and young professionals with 0-10 years of work experience), that delivers on-trend content, resources, and networking opportunities to connect engineers, and provide the technical and professional tools necessary for the new generation to succeed in today’s workforce.

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