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A Brand New Member Benefit:
ASME Salary Services!

How do you know what you’re worth?

Whether you’re negotiating your salary or planning for a raise, knowing your professional value can help you make sure you’re fairly compensated for the work you do.


That’s why ASME is introducing a new, exclusive member benefit: Salary Services! This annual survey compiles comprehensive data from thousands of engineering professionals to create a salary calculator tailored to your personal information.


This calculator is a great tool for negotiating your salary, or planning for a raise. The new ASME Salary Services offers–

  • Comprehensive salary data and analytics for an array of engineering positions nationwide
  • Salary planning by geographic area, organization size, industry, and pay strategy
  • Compensation market data to benchmark your competitive and effective compensation against the industry
  • An excellent tool for evaluating your career, relocation, and education decisions

Keep an eye out for your exclusive invitation to the ASME 2017 Salary Survey in a few weeks. Survey participants will receive free access to five general report runs, plus five uses of the Salary Calculator. Once the data is compiled, members will have exclusive access to survey results and the Salary Calculator!

In the engineering industry, details matter - and the same is true of planning your career, calculating your worth, and negotiating your salary.