ASME Group
Insurance Program

The ASME Insurance Program offers you and your family stable, competitive coverage from insurance providers you can trust.

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The ASME Group Insurance program offers affordable and portable insurance solutions to help secure your family and your profession as an ASME member. To learn more visit which has been recently redesigned in an effort to allow members to easily access information based on their specific needs.


  • Low group rates in comparison to similar individual plans. In general, because of the high volume and low overhead administration of association plans, rates rank among the lowest available.

  • Exclusive eligibility. Only members of the pre-approved group, and family members, can apply for coverage. Though there may be certain age and health restrictions, the majority of members are generally eligible for specific amounts of coverage automatically, by virtue of their membership in the association.

  • Protection against termination. Under the provisions of the master policy, coverage for an individual cannot be canceled once it has been approved, regardless of the member's state of health. A member's insurance can be terminated only if he or she fails to pay required premiums or drops ASME membership. Under some plans, coverage will be reduced or terminate at a certain age, such as 65. The master policy, however, can be canceled by either the insurance company or the master policyholder at any renewal date.