Bioengineering Special Report: April 2019


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Innovation on the Front Lines of Medicine

White Paper

Engineering and medicine has been intertwined for a very long time and in the recent years the relationship has been getting stronger and more important to the advance of healthcare. This white paper provides a look at how top medical centers are investing in building robust research-oriented engineering departments.

Video: The Mechanics of Bioengineering

In our two-part video series, learn how surgeons and engineers are collaborating to find practical solutions to real-world healthcare challenges.



Cover Story: Vital Design

Engineers and surgeons are using 3-D models and collaborating to plan complex procedures. To do that, engineers must speak a language surgeons can understand.

The New World of Biomaterials Opens Opportunity for Engineers


How cross-disciplinary teams of engineers and clinicians need to work together in order to bring enhanced immunotherapies and vaccines into the clinic.

Aiming for a Better Vision with Multiphysics

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A novel solution developed by a medical device company can provide a viable treatment that treads the middle ground between surgery and spectacles.

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