Get Involved

It is in the nature of engineers to get involved. While movies or books may get our pulses racing with made-up stories of lone inventors – sane or otherwise – it's almost impossible to imagine an engineering project that's not collaborative.

Likewise, the end user of
these projects isn't the
solitary engineer; the users
are groups, communities,
institutions – people.

So for engineers, involvement at all stages of a project, from conception to delivery, is a given. Likewise, involvement in the community

Alexander Graham Bell
filing patent paperwork.


Activities & Highlights

Educating Mechanical Engineers
Entry-level mechanical engineers are strong on technical fundamentals, but when it comes to practical experience and communications skills, experience is key. ASME's Center for Education has outlined a plan to help colleges and universities meet the engineering challenges for the next ten years.

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Next-Generation Entrepreneurship
The ASME Annual Innovation Showcase (IShow) gives undergraduate and graduate students the full experience of product development and commercialization. Students compete before a judging panel of industry experts, innovators, and venture capitalists; learning to bridge the gap between engineering and business.

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Opportunities for Breakthrough Innovation
ASME encourages an environment for exploring creative and innovative solutions through the Office of Breakthrough Innovation. From ASME's Engineering for the Developing World Summit to the inaugural AutoVenture Forum, focused on the U.S. automotive industry crisis we are discovering innovations to address many of the most important issues at hand.

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Strengthen the Engineering Community
ASME advances technological development by partnering with organizations with shared strategic interests. Beginning is 2003 with our collaboration with Engineers Without Borders USA and the recently conceived Engineering for Change to facilitate engineering solutions for underserved communities around the world, ASME has also begun work to draw closer association with the medical profession by launching new journals on topics such as nanomedicine and biomechanical engineering.

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Advocates for the Engineering Profession
Since its inception, ASME has provided a voice for engineers as we develop and advance professional standards. Having worked on national and global levels, in schools and colleges and with policy makers in Washington, D.C., ASME is branching out to state and local levels with ASME members serving as ambassadors where engineering leadership is needed.

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ASME Delegates Meet with Engineering Leaders from Brazil

A delegation of ASME's senior volunteer and staff leadership traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last month to meet with representatives from a number of the country's engineering and petroleum organizations. The ASME contingent, which included the Board of Governors, senior vice presidents and the Executive Leadership Team, also participated in the 2013 Rio Pipeline Conference and Exposition that took place concurrently.

ASME Foundation Awards 36 Scholarships for 2013-2014

Each year, the ASME Foundation demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the future of the engineering profession through the many scholarships it awards to undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering students. By awarding a total of $136,000 in scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year, the Foundation helped alleviate the financial burden of higher education — a burden that can often derail an otherwise successful academic career — for 36 ASME student members.

Seven Meeting Rooms Named Through 2 Park Ave Campaign

At the beginning of the year, the ASME Foundation launched the "Support ASME @ 2 Park Ave" campaign to name the various meeting spaces at the new offices in the New York Headquarters, while simultaneously raising funds to support philanthropic student and humanitarian programs at ASME.