Speaker Award

ASME Unit:   Internal Combustion Engine Division (ICED)
Date Established:   1947
Achievement:   Presentation of an outstanding technical paper.
Nomination Deadline:    
Form of Award:   Certificate--usually laminated onto a walnut board
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Internal Combustion Engine Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   ICE Division Honors and Awards Committee
Selecting Process:   Written evaluation sheets submitted by ICE Division Associates who attend technical presentations
Funding:   ICE Division Custodian Account
Date Created:   10/18/2000
Date Modified:   5/5/2009
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Contact Email:    
Comtact Phone:    

Winners of the Speaker Award

1990 - Karl J. Springer
1991 - Everette R. Johnson
1991 - Ron D. Nevinger
1992 - Donald T. Blizzard
1992 - Steven G. Fritz
1992 - Fred S. Schaub
1993 - Josef Affenzeller
1993 - Dennis N. Assanis
1993 - Karl J. Springer
1999 - Saeed Soltani
1999 - William E. Audett
1999 - Dan E. Richardson