#79 Lombard Steam Log Hauler


First practical example of crawler-tread vehicles now used in agricultural, construction, and military equipment

This steam crawler-tractor emancipated horses from the killing work of hauling trains of sleds over iced roads in the winter woods of the United States and Canada. Designed, patented (1901), and built by Alvin C. Lombard (1856-1937) of Waterville, Maine, eighty-three "Lombards" were the first practical examples of the often-tried lag or crawler tread that would become the mark of the internal combustion engine-driven agricultural and construction equipment and military tank in current use.

Lombard Steam Log Hauler (1910)

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Landmark Location

Patten Lumberman's Museum
Shin Pond Road
Patten, ME 04765

Visiting Info

Visit Baxter State Park Website for directions.

Ceremony Notes

August 1982


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