Virtual Conference Terms and Conditions

Content Presented at ASME Conferences: Unless otherwise agreed to in a separate document, all copyright to abstracts/papers and live or recorded presentations made at the virtual conference will be the property of ASME, including translations, transcriptions, and third-party distribution rights worldwide without restriction in all current and future media.  Participants are reminded to present information associated with approved papers and abstracts and not to present any information that may be considered proprietary, confidential or restricted in any way.
Registration Fees: ALL conference participants must register and pay the advertised fee including authors; presenters; chairs; co-chairs; topic and session organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and general attendees.  Non-member fees include a one-year complimentary membership to ASME.
Payment Method: Individuals with incomplete registrations will not be able to attend the conference until payment has been made and registration is completed. ASME accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Presenter Substitution: Each abstract/paper has a primary author identified who is responsible to present the abstract/paper at the conference. Should the primary author not be available to present the paper, a co-author may be nominated to present the paper as a substitution. Any proposed substitution must be approved one week in advance by ASME Publications and must notify the Event Management staff one week in advance of the presentation.
Refunds/Cancellation Fee: There will be no refunds for ASME Virtual Conference Registration.
Registration Substitutions: Registrations may not be transferred or substituted at any time.
Photographs/Video/Audio Recordings: Unless otherwise agreed to in a separate document, participants are reminded that material presented at   ASME conferences is under copyright of ASME.  As a result, “ANY recording of the presentations is prohibited.”
Limitation of Liability: You agree to release and hold harmless ASME from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action arising out of or relating to your participation in this event.
Event Cancellation: If the event is cancelled, conference attendees will be returned the registration fee only. Any fees associated with cancellation of travel or housing reservations is the exclusive responsibility of Conference attendees.

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