Upcoming Changes to Your ASME Account Login

Mar 18, 2022

by ASME.org

ASME is pleased to announce upcoming changes and improvements to the current account sign-in on ASME.org and across multiple digital tools and applications.  A new Identity Access Management (IAM) application will replace the current account sign-up and sign-in application. The new IAM application will provide a consistent sign-in experience, improved password management, and enhanced privacy and security across ASME sites and applications.

IAM was successfully implemented on ASME’s Member Roster Tool in late February. On Monday, March 28th, 2022, IAM will deploy across other ASME sites and applications including:

ASME Career Center
ASME Volunteer Portal
Author Tools (Conference and Journal)
CA Connect
C&S Connect
Conference Registration Sites
Digital Collection
Fellow Nominations
Learning Builder
Learning Hub
Mechanical Engineering® Magazine Mobile App
Preference Center
Scholarship Applications

What does this mean for users?

Access & Downtime: There will be minimal downtime during deployment of applications. Sign-in access points remain the same. If you have bookmarked any site pages, you won’t need to update and can continue to login from the same access point you do today.

The new IAM platform will deploy by site and application throughout the day on Monday, March 28, 2022. The estimated deployment time per site or application is three hours. During the deployment, New Users will not be able to create an account or make a purchase until the deployment of IAM on that site or application is complete.

Existing Users can login to the ASME sites and applications they frequently visit and perform activities including purchases without disruption.

Passwords: Our constituents’ security is of the utmost importance to ASME and to protect all users, the IAM application has new and stronger password rules:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Must include at least 1 from each group: numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters
  • Maximum invalid consecutive login attempts: 10
  • Temporary Lockout: 15 minutes. When the maximum number of failed login attempts is reached, the max invalid logins counter resets and the user's account is locked for 15 minutes.

When you first login to an ASME site or application with the new IAM on March 28, 2022 or after, the application will validate if your current password meets the new requirements. If your current password does not meet all requirements, you will be prompted to create a new password. You will only need to do this one-time and only if your current password does not meet the new requirements.

New Screen: When you first sign-in to an application after the IAM has been implemented, you may notice the screen looks a little different than before:

Going forward, this will now be the new sign-in screen across ASME sites and applications.

ASME will continue to implement IAM across remaining sites and applications and any new ones we onboard. Users will be notified in advance of site and applications updates.  

Our goal with any technology update is to improve ASME constituents’ experience. The replacement of the current sign-on with a new of IAM application was designed to meet that goal by providing constituents with an easier way to engage with ASME while enhancing security and protecting privacy. We are excited by the improvement and will continue to find new ways to enhance your experiences with ASME. Should you have any questions or if you experience any issues signing in, our Customer Care team is available to help. Please email customercare@asme.org for assistance.

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