Special Journal Issue on Progress in Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Jun 16, 2022

The ASME Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science is currently accepting manuscripts for a special issue focusing on the topic “Progress in Advanced Nuclear Reactors.” Authors who are interested in having their manuscripts included in the special issue, to be published in October 2023, should submit their manuscripts by February 1, 2023.
Advanced nuclear reactors (ANRs) are attractive for the future of nuclear power and clean energy in general. They have many potential advantages over LWR technology: safety, thermal efficiency, reduced waste, etc. However, the challenges associated with bringing these technologies to fruition are nearly as great as their benefits. Extreme operating parameters, nonaqueous coolants, and innovative fuel types enable substantial benefits while at the same time are sources of significant challenges.
Industry, academia, and governments are all making swift progress on critical issues, including demonstration reactors. To advance ANR technology, it is crucial to identify the current state-of-the-art. In addition, different ANR concepts face many of the same challenges: high temperatures, materials compatibility, modeling and simulation, etc. These cross-cutting technologies must be presented together to highlight synergies among concepts. This special issue is focused on reporting the latest advancements from the broader ANR field, including progress updates from ANR developers. Experts are invited to submit their work, whether focused on enabling technologies (thermal hydraulics, materials, instrumentation) or the concepts themselves (designs, modeling and simulation, testing, demonstration).
Manuscripts to be included in the special issue should concentrate on advanced nuclear reactor technology (sodium, molten salt, high temperature gas, lead/lead-bismuth, supercritical water, heat pipe, etc.), including, but not limited to: reactor design; instrumentation; advanced fuels; thermal hydraulics; materials/corrosion/coolant chemistry; progress updates from ANR developers; modeling and simulation; thermal energy storage; testing programs; and economics.
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the journal by February 1, 2023, via Journals Connect at journaltool.asme.org. Authors who have an account should log in as an author to their ASME account. Authors without an account should sign up for an account.  In either case, at the Paper Submittal page, authors should select the “ASME Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science” and then select the special issue “Progress in Advanced Nuclear Reactors.”  Papers received after the submission deadline may still be considered for the special issue, if time and space permits.
The guest editors for the special issue are Dr. Adam Burak, University of Michigan, USA, ajburak@umich.edu; Dr. Minghui Chen, The University of New Mexico, USA, mnu@unm.edu; and Dr. Xiaodong Sun, University of Michigan, USA, xdsun@umich.edu.
For more information on the ASME Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science, visit https://asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/nuclearengineering. To learn more about the ASME Journal Program, visit www.asme.org/publications-submissions/journals/information-for-authors.

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