ASME to Release Three New Concise Monographs

Oct 8, 2015

ASME Press will publish the three latest entries in its Concise Monograph Series later this month. ASME members will save $20 off the retail price of each of the books, which can be pre-ordered now on

Toward Consistent Design Evaluation of Nuclear Power Piping by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis by Lingfu Zeng, Lennart Jansson and Nils-Erik Wiberg is part of the Nuclear Engineering and Technology for the 21st Century Monograph Series. This 80-page book addresses several issues that are essential for achieving a consistent design-by-analysis in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, including nonlinear alternative rules, fatigue, thermal ratcheting, dynamic loads, strain-based criteria, nonlinear finite element procedures, supports under combined stresses, among others. Unlike other publications on piping, this monograph is focused on commercial software and current practices for power uprate and life extension of aging nuclear power facilities.

The second new book, Magnetic Bearings for Mechanical Cardiac Assist Devices, is part of the Biomedical and Nanomedical Technologies Monograph Series. Written by Steven Day, Shanbao Cheng, and Arnold David Gomez, this 64-page publication examines magnetic bearings — mechatronic devices that produce contact-free electromagnetic force to support a load, such as a moving train or a spinning rotor — and their use in rotary ventricular assist devices (VADs) to increase design life, reduce or eliminate material wear and bearing maintenance, as well as to increase biocompatibility by eliminating high-fluid stresses and heat generation. The book explores the typical structures of passive bearings, which are comprised entirely of permanent magnets, and active magnetic bearings (AMB), which use electromagnets and position sensors to control the position of the rotor. It also discusses the components of a typical AMB system, including the actuator, position sensor, controller, and amplifier, as well as different structures of electromagnet actuators, coils design, and iron selection.

The third book, Thermoactive Foundations for Sustainable Buildings, is the latest monograph in the Technologies for Sustainable Life collection, which explore the interface between engineering and the environmental sustainability agenda. Thermoactive Foundations for Sustainable Buildings presents the latest multi-disciplinary advances in modeling, designing, and monitoring thermo-active foundations (TAFs), also known as thermal or energy piles. TAFs offer innovative and sustainable alternatives to ground-source heat pumps and other conventional heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems to heat and cool commercial and residential buildings in a number of regions throughout the world.

The price for each of the three new titles is $79 apiece for ASME members, and $99 each for non-members. To pre-order a copy of Toward Consistent Design Evaluation of Nuclear Power Piping by Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, Magnetic Bearings for Mechanical Cardiac Assist Devices, or Thermoactive Foundations for Sustainable Buildings, visit

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