ASME to Present Pressure Vessel and Piping Failure Modes Program in Houston

Apr 5, 2018

ASME Learning & Development will hold a series of Pressure Vessel and Piping (PVP) MasterClasses next month in Houston. The program, Pressure Vessel & Piping Failures: Causes, Mitigation and Repair – A Case Study Learning Series, to be held May 21-25 at the Wyndham Houston West Energy Corridor, provides engineers, inspectors and regulators with a practical roadmap for making run-or-repair and operability decisions based on the sound application of ASME/API codes, industry regulations, and engineering practice.

The program is comprised of seven courses, each addressing the fundamentals of a specific damage mechanism, its causes and characteristics, inspection methods for determining the extent of damage, and the methods and criteria for evaluating a component’s fitness-for-service. The classes will also review the rules and application of ASME and API codes as well as other industry regulations in making run-or-repair decisions.

The series includes an overview session, “PVP Integrity Assessment and Repair Using ASME/API Codes and Industry Regulations,” on May 21, followed by six Failure Mode MasterClasses: “General Metal Loss Corrosion” on May 22, “Piping Vibration” on May 23 and 24, “Local Thin Areas” on May 23, “Pitting Corrosion” on May 23, “Stress Corrosion Cracking” on May 24, and “Waterhammer Damage in Pipes” on May 25.

The courses will be presented by three renowned pressure vessel and piping experts: Don Frikken, member and past chair of the ASME B31 Pressure Piping Committee and a senior advisor at Becht Engineering; George Antaki, chair of the ASME III Working Group Piping Design and B31 Mechanical Design Committee and past member of the joint API-579/ASME FFS-1 Committee and the ASME Post-Construction Code Committee; and Tony Scribner, former associate director of the Materials Technology Institute and an authority in materials engineering and corrosion control in the chemical process industries with more than 40 years of experience.

For more information on the Pressure Vessel & Piping Failures: Causes, Mitigation and Repair MasterClass Series or to register, visit For questions regarding the PVP program or other MasterClass programs, contact Jennifer Delda by e-mail at