Nomination Deadlines for ASME Honors and Awards are Approaching

Jan 21, 2021

ASME’s Honors & Awards program celebrates individuals who have made important contributions in various engineering disciplines. Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME and the program provides an opportunity for personalized presentations to honor recipients, informing the public of their valuable contributions.
Over the years, the Honors and Awards Program has celebrated the best and brightest for their outstanding achievements in engineering, research, mentoring, and other related technical fields. Nomination deadlines for several awards are steadily approaching, as noted.
Four Society Awards with February 1, 2021 Deadline
 Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. Medal, for outstanding contribution by an individual, company, government entity, school, or other organization toward developing and implementing practices, processes and programs that value and strategically manage diversity and inclusiveness; a $2000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
Barnett-Uzgiris Product Safety Design Award, for significant contributions to the safe design of products through teaching, research, and professional accomplishments; a $1000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
James N. Landis Medal, for outstanding personal performance in the design, construction, or management of major steam-electric stations using nuclear or fossil fuels; a 7500 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
McDonald Mentoring Award, for outstanding mentoring of other professionals by an engineer in industry, government, education, or private practice; a $1000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
Two Society Awards with February 15, 2021 Deadline
The Arthur L. Williston Medal recognizes an engineering student or recent graduate for “fostering civic service.” The recipient shall demonstrate considerable leadership in activities that “stimulate, foster or develop increased interest in, sense of responsibility for, or urge [others to] participate in social-service, civic, or public-spirited activities for the benefit of society. First place: a $1000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate; 2nd place: $ a $500 honorarium, and a certificate; 3rd place: a $250 honorarium, and a certificate;
Allan Kraus Thermal Management Medal, for outstanding achievements in thermal management of electronic systems and his or her commitment to the field of thermal science and engineering; a $1,000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;  A $1,000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
Seven Society Awards with March 1, 2021 Deadline
ASME Medal, the highest award that the Society can bestow and is to recognize “eminently distinguished engineering achievement; a $15,000 honorarium, a gold medal, and a certificate;
Honorary Membership, for a lifetime of service to engineering or related fields--e.g., science, research, public service. This achievement is described as "distinguished service that contributes significantly to the attainment of the goals of the engineering profession.  Must be an ASME Member; a silver, and a certificate,
Lakshmi Singh Early Career Leadership Award, for an early-career woman engineer who has demonstrated considerable leadership in, commitment to, and continued service with ASME; a $3000 honorarium, a plaque, a certificate, and paid membership for life;
Holley Medal, for outstanding and unique act(s) of an engineering nature, accomplishing a noteworthy and timely public benefit by one or more individuals for a single achievement, provided the contributions are equal or comparable; a $1000 honorarium, a vermeil medal, and a certificate;
The Melville Medal is the highest ASME honor for the best original paper (not published elsewhere) which has been published in the ASME Transactions during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award; a $2000 honorarium, a bronze medal, and a certificate;
The Worcester Reed Warner Medal, for seminal contribution to the permanent literature of engineering. To qualify as having permanent value, any paper or treatise should not be less than five (5) years old; a $2000, a vermeil medal, and a certificate;
The Henry Hess Early Career Publication Award, for best original technical paper; the author(s) must be one who was not yet 35 years of age or 10 years after terminal degree at the time the paper was presented to or published by the Society during the two calendar years prior to the year of the award; a $2,500 honorarium, and a certificate;
The Charles T. Main Award, for current undergraduate ASME Student Members whose leadership and service qualities have contributed for a period of at least one year: to the programs and operations of a Student Section of the Society; to enhancing student activities within his/her department; to other related activities and services related to mechanical engineering students at his/her institution; the engineering profession and ASME.  A $3000 honorarium, a vermeil medal and a certificate is awarded for first place. Second place receives a $2000 honorarium, a silver medal, and a certificate;
For more information on these awards and the ASME Honors and Awards program, visit, or contact Fran McKivor, ASME Honors and Fellows, at (212) 591-7094 or

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