IAB Meeting Explores Digital Transformation

Jun 9, 2021

The latest ASME Industry Advisory Board (IAB) virtual meeting explored the topic of “Digital Transformation: Case Study of PSM Initiatives and Virtual Tour. The April 28 meeting’s goal was to examine the issue of digital transformation as it relates to virtual inspections, additive manufacturing/3D printing, and remote operations.

Dr. Alex Hoffs, President Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM)
Dr. Alex Hoffs, president of Power Systems Mfg., LLC (PSM), a mid-sized company active in gas turbine power generation service, and the IAB’s Program Chair, presented a virtual tour of PSM’s facilities to address these three topics. He was joined by several members of the
Jeffrey Benoit, V.P. PSM Marketing and Strategy
PSM team, including Jeffrey Benoit, vice president of marketing and strategy.
One digital trend and innovation that PSM incorporated into its business is mapping the headquarters building with 4K-linked digital photography, which enables its partners and customers to tour the entire facility, including the workshop and diagnostic center. PSM is one of the first companies to fully map an entire building of almost 200,000 square feet with this evolving technology.
Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, PSM found new ways to communicate with customers using digital technologies. Virtual ‘live’ quality inspections of a customer’s repaired engine hardware at PSM’s workshop with special camera and borescope equipment has become an accepted standard compared to previous “in person” acceptance protocols. For remote operations, PSM offers both digital diagnostic tools and expert-recommended actions to its customers’ power plant control room personnel, leveraging a 24/7 global Monitoring and Diagnostic Center. Training is key, and PSM has substantially expanded its dedicated virtual hands-on training for staff and customers.  
After PSM’s presentation, the IAB members broke into three breakout sessions:  Virtual Inspections; Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing; and Remote Operations, and discussed how ASME can play a role to create best practices and standards, as well as utilize its role as neutral convener to move the engineering industry forward.
For additional information about the IAB virtual fall meeting or the IAB in general, please contact Melissa Carl at carlm@asme.org or Susie Cabanas at cabanass@asme.org.

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