ASME Foundation Awards 44 Scholarships to ASME Student Members

Sep 24, 2015

Adam Lemoine

Each year, the ASME Scholarship Program offers worthy ASME student members the financial assistance they need to keep their academic careers on-track. This year, 44 student members were awarded nearly $170,000 in scholarships through the program, which is funded by the ASME Foundation.

The scholarship committee received a record number of scholarship applications — more than 2,000 — for the 2015-2016 school year. The ASME Scholarship Program awards more than 30 different scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, including the Kenneth Andrew Roe Scholarship, the ASME Foundation Scholar grant, and the ASME/Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Undergraduate Scholarship for a Hispanic Engineer.

Meredith Campbell

ASME student member Adam Lemoine, a senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, was selected as the winner of the 2015-2016 Kenneth Andrew Roe Scholarship. The $13,000 grant is the largest single-year scholarship offered by ASME. The Roe Scholarship, which is awarded to juniors and seniors studying mechanical engineering, was established in 1991 in memory of the former ASME president and chairman of the ASME Foundation.

Lemoine, who served as vice-chair of the WPI ASME student section last year, was named chair of the student section for the current school year. After graduation, he hopes to work in manufacturing engineering, and remain active in Society activities.

In his acceptance letter, Lemoine, wrote, “I have been a student member of ASME at WPI since my freshman year at WPI, and the opportunities the organization has given me have allowed me to advance my career. Receiving this scholarship is the greatest asset I have received from the organization. I am proud to be a rising professional in the mechanical engineering field, and receiving this scholarship is a huge honor.”

Alexander Blum

Three student members — Meredith Campbell, Alexander Blum and Caleb Amy — were selected as the ASME Foundation Scholars for 2015-2016. This grant, which was introduced in 2013, provides scholarships of $11,000 to undergraduate sophomores, juniors and seniors and up to one year of graduate studies. The scholarships can be renewed up to three years.

Meredith Campbell, a first-time recipient of the scholarship, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, N.H. A non-traditional student, Campbell attended college for three years seeking a different degree before switching to mechanical engineering. An ASME student member since 2011 and the former chair of her college’s student section, Campbell received the ASME Charles T. Main Student Section Award Gold Medal for excellence in student leadership in 2014. That same year, she was selected as ASME’s representative in the DiscoverE New Faces of Engineering-College Edition program.

A senior at the William States Lee School of Engineering at University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Alexander Blum’s term as an ASME Foundation Scholar was renewed for a second year. In his acceptance letter, Blum, the current president of his university’s ASME student section, noted that ASME’s financial assistance enabled him to have the flexibility to continue his work both at school and with his student section, and allowed him to perform research for an early-entry master’s degree and finish his undergraduate work at the same time. “ASME has given me an opportunity to really shine, to go all out, to try my hardest and see how well I can do,” he wrote. “This is an opportunity not everyone gets in life, and I am so thankful.”

Caleb Amy

Caleb Amy, who is beginning his graduate studies at Georgia Tech this fall, is a third-year ASME Foundation Scholar, having received the scholarship during his junior and senior years at University of Central Florida. Amy is pursuing a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, and is currently working as a graduate research assistant focusing solar thermal power generation. An active member of the University of Central Florida ASME student section since 2011, he served as treasurer and president of his student section, and as chair of the Student District Operating Board for ASME District F. According to his scholarship renewal acceptance letter, he plans to continue his involvement at the District level “by reviewing papers, joining the Atlanta professional leadership, and attending conferences and meetings.”

Rochelle Piatt, a post-graduate student at the University of Mexico, and Delbert Stewart, an undergraduate at California State University, Northridge, were selected as the first recipients of the ASME/SHPE Undergraduate Scholarship for a Hispanic Engineer this year. The scholarship, which was established in late 2014 and is funded through the ASME Foundation by both ASME and SHPE, provides two $5,000 awards each year to students who are members of both ASME and SHPE and have been actively involved in volunteer work to benefit others through at least one of the societies.

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