ASME Conformity Assessment Videos Now Available on

Jan 24, 2019

During the past year, ASME Standards & Certification (S&C) has produced eight videos detailing various aspects of the Society’s Conformity Assessment program. The latest video, “Demand The Mark — Here’s Why,” was recently added to the library of S&C videos, which are currently available on

In the new video, members of the ASME Conformity Assessment community — including ASME staff members Paul Lang, director of Product and Personnel Certification, and Jon Labrador, managing director of Conformity Assessment — discuss the ASME Single Certification Mark and why businesses and regulators throughout the world recognize The Mark as a symbol of safety and quality for parts and products.

“The ASME Mark is a statement of confidence that all code requirements have been met in the construction or fabrication of that part or piece of equipment,” Labrador explains in the video. “Otherwise you’re going to potentially introduce risk.”

“When you have a pressure vessel item that has the stamp on it, I can know the genesis of that entire vessel,” adds Lang. “If I get a vessel that has no stamp on it, I have no idea how that vessel was manufactured.”

The new video joins seven other video clips in the Conformity Assessment video library on, which include a six-minute overview of the ASME Conformity Assessment process and videos that address such topics as what ASME Conformity Assessment is, why third-party oversight is important, how ASME Conformity Assessment gives businesses a competitive edge and why it is important to certify the supply chain.

To watch “Demand The Mark — Here’s Why” or one of the other ASME Conformity Assessment videos, visit