Bryan Erler Becomes ASME 139th President

Jun 25, 2020

During a special Salute to Leadership event held June 16 at ASME’s virtual Annual Meeting, Bryan Erler, P.E., became the 139th president of ASME. Erler has been an active member of ASME since 1991. Erler has been an executive and expert in the nuclear power industry for over 45 years with significant leadership roles and responsibilities in the designing of electric power plants. He is currently president of Erler Engineering, Ltd., where he serves as a consultant to the power industry.

Erler has held a number of leadership positions including as a member of the Society’s Board of Governors; as a member of various ASME codes and standards committees, including vice president of ASME’s Nuclear Codes & Standards, and past chair of the Board of Nuclear Codes and Standards; and chair of ASME’s Boiler & Pressure Vessel Section III Division 2. He also served as the Society’s secretary/treasurer.

“It’s the honor of my career to be able serve you as ASME president in what will surely be an exciting and extraordinary year. I am confident that together, we will turn a time of unprecedented challenge into one of unmatched opportunity,” said Erler during his inaugural remarks.
Outgoing president Richard Laudenat, P.E., expressed his thanks to the Board of Governors and ASME Executive Director/CEO Tom Costabile for their support throughout the past year, while acknowledging the unique challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mahantesh Hiremath, Ph.D., P.E.
“As always, our collaboration, passion, and devotion to ASME are what make this organization so robust, and in these times, so resilient,” said Laudenat.
During the Salute to Leadership event, Mahantesh Hiremath, Ph.D., P.E. was introduced as the ASME’s president-nominee for the 2021-2022 term. Dr. Hiremath, an ASME Fellow, has been an active member of ASME since 1997. He served as a member of the ASME Board of Governors from 2015 to 2019. He has a distinguished career spanning over 30 years and has the unique distinction of being only a handful in the world to design and engineer systems in four different environments – deep underground, off-shore, on-ground, and in space.
Andrew Bicos
At the event, three new members of the ASME Board of Governor began their terms through 2023.
Andrew Bicos, Ph.D., a member of ASME for more than 25 years, is an independent consultant, having recently retired from The Boeing Company after more than 31 years. At Boeing he was in executive management in the R&D organization where he served as director of systems engineering, and previously as chief engineer of the aeromechanics research group and director of flight sciences technology strategy.
Richard Marboe
Richard Marboe, Ph.D., a member of ASME since 1982, is the recently retired Director of Engineering Services at the Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State University. He has been responsible for facilities, design and fabrication, public release, export compliance, safety and, previously, CIO, and security. His research has included leading propulsor design teams, two-phase flow acoustics, turbomachinery noise, and hull flow-induced noise. He has held leadership positions at ASME for the past 25 years.
Paul Stevenson
Paul Stevenson is the executive vice president of McCormick Stevenson Corporation in Clearwater, FL.  McCormick Stevenson is an engineering services provider serving government and industry clients developing systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. He has been an active member of ASME since 2001. He received a Distinguished Service Award from ASME in 2019 and was the Florida West Coast Section’s “Engineer of the Year” in 2009.
Governor-nominees, whose terms begin in 2021, were also announced at the event. They include Thomas Gardner, Sam Korellis, and Wolf Yeigh.

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