ASME Launches New ASME EFx Program

Jul 24, 2018

ASME is introducing a new program for engineering students, ASME EFx, which is an offshoot of the Society’s successful ASME Engineering Festival (ASME E-Fest) program. The new ASME EFx events, the first of which is planned to be held in India next month, have been conceived as smaller-scale versions of the ASME E-Fests that can be easily staged by local colleges and universities throughout the world.

The new ASME EFx events, which are intended to accommodate up to several hundred attendees and last one day or less, offer colleges and universities a novel way to engage with their students, provide students with professional development and skills training, and prepare them to compete at full ASME E-Fests. Planned and administered by local organizers with the assistance of ASME staff, the new events give students a taste of the ASME E-Fests experience without the costs associated with traveling to and attending a regular ASME E-Fest.

Although smaller in scale, ASME EFx events can include many of the same activities that are featured at traditional ASME E-Fests, including keynote sessions, interactive workshops and training sessions, Innovation Showcase critical-thinking sessions, social and networking events, and impromptu competitions.

ASME members or student members who are interested in hosting an ASME EFx at their local university should contact the ASME EFx team at For more information on ASME EFx events, visit