ASME Launches Multi-Level Career Development Webinar Series for Members

Aug 23, 2019


ASME has partnered with the Engineering Management Institute (EMI) to introduce a new benefit that is available only to ASME members, the Multi-level Career Development Webinar Series. Twelve webinars and four related online question-and-answer sessions for mechanical engineers at various stages of their careers will be offered during the first phase of the program, which will run through the end of December.

Designed to assist ASME student members as they transition to professional membership in the Society as well as provide them with the skills they will need as they advance in their careers, the Multi-level Career Development Webinar Series is divided into four levels: Level 100 for engineering students, Level 200 webinars for recent graduates, Level 300 webinars for early career engineers and Level 400 webinars for experienced engineering professionals.

Each of the one-hour webinars and Q&A sessions will be led by Anthony Fasano, P.E., who is the founder of the EMI, a company that is focused on helping engineers become more effective managers and leaders through content, coaching and training. Fasano is also the author of a book, Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career, and the creator of two podcasts for engineers.

The Level 100 section of the program will feature three webinars that are designed to provide student members with an edge during the job search process: “How to Prepare a Winning Resume” on Sept. 5, “How to Ace Every Job Interview” on Oct. 1, and “How to Use LinkedIn to Launch Your Engineering Career” on Oct. 30. The webinars will be followed by a Q&A session on Dec. 4 during which Fasano will address questions related to the three webinars.

The Level 200 webinars, which are intended to help recent graduates successfully launch their careers by enhancing their goal-setting, decision-making and communication skills, will kick off on Sept. 4 with “Goal Setting for Engineering Professionals: Take Action Today,” which will be followed by “Obtaining the Right Credentials in Your Career” on Sept. 25 and “How to Build Expertise and Master Public Speaking” on Oct. 29. The Level 200 follow-up Q&A will be held on Dec. 2.

A recording of the first of the Level 300 webinars for early career engineers, “Building the Confidence Needed to Become a Successful Engineering Professional,” which took place earlier this month, is currently available online exclusively for ASME members. Two additional Level 300 webinars — “Developing Effective Communication Skills for Engineering” and “How to Network & Build Relationships for Engineering Professionals” — will be offered on Sept. 16 and Oct. 16, respectively. Fasano will then conduct the online Level 300 Q&A session on Nov. 18.

The first Level 400 webinar, “Developing the Engineering Leader Inside of You by Engaging the People You Lead,” was held earlier this week. (Look for a link to a recording of the webinar on the ASME Video Gallery soon.) A second webinar for experienced engineering professionals, “Developing Effective Communication Skills for Engineering Managers,” will be offered on Sept. 18, while the third, “Maximizing Productivity for Experienced Engineering Professionals,” will be held Oct. 17. The Level 400 question-and-answer session will take place Nov. 20.

For more information on the Multi-level Career Development Webinar Series program or to register for one or more of the webinars, visit