“Achieve More!” Student Recruitment Video Now Available

Sep 12, 2013

ASME’s Membership department has created a new video that ASME Student Section leaders and mechanical engineering faculty can use to boost the size of the ASME Student Section at their college or university.

This new recruitment tool — titled “Achieve More!” — is a lively, fast-moving video that combines animation and live footage to convey the excitement of ASME Student Membership and show engineering students how membership can help them build their skill set, make new friends, get involved with their community, and prepare for their careers.

Student Sections and faculty members are encouraged to share the video with their peers and colleagues, play it at on-campus events, post the video on their university’s intranet or a favorite social network, or use it any way they choose to promote ASME activities at their school.

To view “Achieve More!” now, visit http://go.asme.org/AchieveMore. For more information on the benefits of ASME Student Membership, or to become a Student Member, visit http://go.asme.org/students.

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