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Get Up to Speed with Mechanical Engineering Essentials

Get Up to Speed with Mechanical Engineering Essentials

eLearning Courses

ASME'S new series of Mechanical Engineering Essentials online assessment based courses are topical, short-length eLearning programs covering a wide range of ASME Code topics specifically developed for engineers and technical professionals at all levels – especially valuable for recent graduates and early career engineers.


  • Convenient self-study modules
  • Multimedia files with audio commentary and review questions
  • End-of-module assessment tests
  • ASME certificate and professional development hours (PDHs)


Browse our extensive portfolio of Mechanical Engineering Essentials courses:

Essentials - B31.1 Power Piping (ZABC14)

Essentials - B31.3 Process Piping Code (ZABC15)

Essentials - B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems (ZABC12)

Essentials - Section VIII Division 3 (ZABC11)

Essentials - Section XII Rules for the Construction and Continued Service of Transport Tanks (ZABC10)

Essentials - Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) (ZABC13)

Essentials - Section IX Welding and Brazing Requirements (ZABC18)

Essentials - Section V - Nondestructive Examination (ZABC17)

Essentials - PVHO-1 Standard (ZABC16)

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