Women in Standards and Certification (WiSC) Mentorship Matters

Women in Standards and Certification (WiSC) Mentorship Matters

On February 3, 2020 the Women in Standards and Certification (WiSC) group held their second event in conjunction with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code Week in Las Vegas, NV. The theme of the event was Mentoring Matters. Tracie Clifford, Vice Chair of ASME Committee on Certification of Non-Destructive Examination Personnel and Quality Control Technicians and Suzanne McKillop, Member of BPV Section III Committee on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components were the guest speakers who drove the conversation with their personal experiences involving mentoring others as well as being a mentee. The event had nearly 50 attendees who joined in on the discussion, asked questions, and shared their own experiences in being a mentor or mentee both in committee work and in their careers. Some memorable quotes from the event included:

"[Mentees] need to know you are always learning" -Tracie Clifford

"[My mentor] saw in me what I didn't see" -Suzanne McKillop

"Sharing your lessons learned [with your mentee] can help them with whatever obstacles they may have" - Tracie Clifford

"The first thing I look for in a mentor is someone I respect" - Suzanne McKillop

"Provide feedback in a way a [mentee] will respond" -Suzanne McKillop

WiSC, which was established to highlight and celebrate the valued participation and contributions of women on ASME’s various Standards & Certification (S&C) committees, continues to provide women engineers attending ASME events with the opportunity to meet and network with one another.

For more information about WiSC, contact Grace Bolan (+1.212.591.8722).

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