Video: Take Control of Your Career

Many career blogs and discussions are focused on how to manage getting adjusted in your day to day job when you start working in a new group or with a new company. Once you get your feet wet, establish a working relationship with your co-workers and feel comfortable with your responsibilities, your confidence starts to transcend to the next level of understanding how things work in your organization. Next you want to explore ways for you and your work to become more visible to your peers and the management team. How do you make sure you’re utilizing the proper resources to align your career goals with your on-the-job practices? It’s important to take control of your career.

Tiffianni L. Watson, Project Engineer, at ExxonMobil talks about her experience and perspective on why it is important to network with the right individuals, mold yourself after someone that you want to emulate, and be transparent in the work that you do.

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