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Video: Said Jahanmir, 2013 Honorary Membership

Said Jahanmir is president and CEO of the MiTiHeart Corporation. He is leading research and development on implantable blood pumps, high-temperature coatings, high-speed micro-machining and high-speed oil-free compressors. His work has led to the development and pre-clinical testing of a new generation of mechanical heart assist pumps with magnetic bearings for heart failure patients, and the development of a novel ultra high-speed micro-machining spindle.

Prior to joining MiTi, Dr. Jahanmir worked at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where he served in several capacities including leader of the Ceramic Manufacturing Group.

Among his prior experience, Dr. Jahanmir was the first director of the Tribology Program at the National Science Foundation and senior research engineer at Exxon Research and Engineering Company. He also held teaching, lecturer and instructor positions at Cornell University, the University of California at Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Jahanmir’s groundbreaking research on tribology was instrumental in establishing fundamental mechanics and materials science viewpoint for wear and provided a clear and simple understanding of the fundamentals of boundary lubrication.

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