Video: R&D Engineers and Concentrating Solar Power

Video: R&D Engineers and Concentrating Solar Power


R&D Engineers are playing critical roles in reducing costs and improving efficiency in renewable energy systems. This program looks at leading edge research in three subsystems in concentrating solar power: the collector field, the solar receiver and the power block. We visit a solar plant near Los Angeles where engineers are challenging the assumption that "bigger is better" when it comes to mirror assemblies. We also visit Sandia National Laboratories where engineers are testing both an innovative solar receiver and power block. The receiver uses falling sand to capture heat. The power block uses supercritical CO2 to generate electricity. With advances from this type of research, the U.S. Department of Energy to predicts that Concentrating Solar Power will be cost competitive by 2020.

Produced and written by Roger Torda, ASME Public Information.

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