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Video: Printing a High Performance Fuel Nozzle

Design engineers at GE Aviation say they plan on using 3D printing for the manufacture of high performance parts on a new jet engine. In this video report, a lead engineer, Joshua Mook, explains how he took on the challenge of designing an improved fuel nozzle for the LEAP engine. Mook's design optimizes fuel and air mixing with tiny, complex channels that cannot be made with conventional machine tools. Engineering manager Mark Shaw, who has responsibility for developing a manufacturing pipeline for the nozzle, describes how his team realized they could print in one piece what would have been 20 parts in a conventional nozzle. Additive Manufacturing pioneer Greg Morris, whose company was recently bought by GE Aviation, is also featured in this report. Morris describes a key advance in the 3D printing of metal parts. The LEAP engine is a joint venture between GE Aviation and France's Snecma.

Produced, directed and written by Roger Torda, ASME Public Information.

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