Video: Pitching Technical Ideas to Non-Technical Audiences

Jan 26, 2016


“Tell me about your work.” This is a dreaded line for many of us in technical fields, especially when it comes from those outside the engineering discipline. Where do you start? How much detail do you give? What does your listener already know? What does your listener even want to know? How you resolve these questions will shape the way different types of people receive your message. Engaging with non-technical audiences will occur throughout your career, and the way you communicate your ideas can impact how others perceive your work. Whether you are chatting with friends and family, applying for funding, or advising decision-makers effective communication is key to success. Steven Hoffenson will draw on his experiences as an academic-turned-congressional staffer discussing how to effectively share technical ideas with non-technical audiences.

Steven Hoffenson is a mechanical engineer with interdisciplinary interests in sustainable product design and policy development.

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