Video: May the Best Drone Win

Eighteen teams of young engineers-in-training competed for the right to call themselves world champion drone builders at the 22nd annual ASME Student Design Competition (SDC) finals in Montreal.

The international slate of teams – including squads from universities in China, France, India, Peru, Turkey and across the United States – designed and built original Unmanned Air Vehicles (Drones) and attempted to pilot them through a series of obstacles at the November 16 competition.

The University of North Dakota team took first place with their massive 78.4 lbs steel-and-aluminum machine. Second place went to the squad from California Polytechnic State University. Third place was taken by the “Airwolf,” the drone flown by the “Wolfpack” team from North Carolina State University.

Said Scott McDaniel of North Dakota’s winning team: “We drove two full days to get here from North Dakota – I’m so glad we did!”

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